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Protect your lifestyle

Reliable offers wide spectrum of Insurance Solutions for Individuals and Small Businesses.

Insurance Overview

Reliable is dedicated to protecting you, your family, your business as well as your hard earned assets and future earnings.

• We provide One-stop shop for both life and general insurance protection
• Comprehensive range of products to suit every stage of your life from childhood to retirement

We offer Insurance to help you, your family, your business, giving you the confidence to live life to its fullest in the face of uncertainty.

Reliable offers Insurance in partnership with leading insurance firms to help you find solutions customized to the needs of our clientele. Our insurance quotes are 15% less compared to other firms.

Services on offer

Reliable offers wide spectrum of Insurance products from Health, Life, Business Liability, and Auto Insurance to Workmen Compensation. Find more details about our insurance products by clicking on links

Health Insurance

Reliable offers Health Insurance that covers accidental bodily injury, death or disablement of the insured persons. Medical Insurance caters to the medical expenses incurred and their dependents due to sickness, accident or critical illness. Learn more

Life Insurance (Whole life/ term)

Reliable offers several life insurance policies including Term Life and Whole Life. Get a quote and apply for life insurance online today. Learn more

Business Liability

Reliable offers complete coverage of Business Liability Insurance from exposures that can arise from the legal duties associated with the ownership, use, occupancy, possession and control of land. Learn more

Auto Insurance

Reliable Auto Insurance gives you quality protection at a great price. Every policy comes with the support of a knowledgeable and friendly agent. Learn more

Workmen Compensation

Reliable offers Workmen Compensation Insurance to help you pay employee for any liability that might occur against all sums for which the insured is liable. Learn more

The Reliable Insurance Advantage

  • One-stop shop for insurance needs
  • Help you save money by providing you with best quote
  • Make Insurance less confusing
  • Wide spectrum of products
  • Best quotes you can find ever
  • Loyalty Gifts every season



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