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Want to start your business in United States? Are you a business, a non-profit organization or a sports club? Reliable is here to help. Before filing for business incorporation, you should know about the legal corporate structures followed in United States. These include:

  • C Corporation: the most common business entity. It is formed as a separate legal entity that's wholly controlled by company shareholders.
  • S Corporation: offers liability protection to shareholders, and shareholders enjoy certain tax breaks not offered under other business structures.
  • Limited Liability Corporation: LLCs benefit from side-stepping double taxation on corporate profits (members report profit or loss on their individual tax returns).
Are you confused between Inc and LLC? Reliable offers you free advice so you can make right business decision. Just fill the form on the right so we may contact you for the advice.

Benefits of Incorporation

Here are some of the benefits you can realize if you decide to incorporate your business:

  • Personal Liability Protection – An incorporated company affords protection from any personal liability for your business debts and obligations. For example, if someone sues your company they can only go after your company’s assets, not your own.
  • Tax Benefits – If you incorporate you may gain tax benefits, although only under certain circumstances. This is one area to discuss with an accountant, as the marginal tax rates for corporations with taxable incomes in some cases can be higher than those for an individual in the same scale. Read more about the tax implications of incorporating from the government.
  • Corporate Identity – Incorporating can give a greater sense of credibility to your business.
  • Raising Capital – You can raise capital more easily through the sale of stock and securities if your business is incorporated.
  • Unlimited Life – Your Corporation can have an indefinite life and outlive you. Do note that LLCs have a limited duration.

Value added benefits

Reliable offers you more than what other companies can offer you on Business Incorporation:

  1. Free Bookkeeping and Payroll
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  2. Save on Tax
    Get free tax consultancy for 1 year
  3. US Office Address
    We provide you a US office address from where you can run your business.
  4. Free Website
    Having a website is crucial for your business. We will help you create a free website for your business with our partnership with web companies. We also help you accept credit cards both online and in-store.
  5. 10% discount on our Insurance products
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Steps for Getting Started

  1. All business incorporations must be filed with state government. Learn what is required for Filing with secretary of state and reserving your company’s business name.
  2. After the filing, you will need to apply for FEIN/EIN Federal Tax ID. Learn more.
  3. You will also need to file your taxes and acquire Licenses and Permits. Learn more.
  4. Registered Agent will than scrutinize your documents and file for approval. Learn more.
  5. So you’re already incorporated? Want to make further changes to your company name and legal structure. We’re here to help. Learn more.



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