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A corporation is a separate and distinct legal entity. This means that a corporation can open a bank account, own property and do business - all under its own name. A corporation is managed by a board of directors, which is responsible for making major business decisions and overseeing the general affairs of the corporation.

Where to Incorporate

All businesses are governed by the laws of state in which it is incorporated. A corporation doesn’t need to have an office or do business in the state it is incorporated. They only need to have a registered agent in that state. Reliable offers Registered Agent Services to help you incorporate your business in the state where you want to incorporate.

Name Availability Check

Your new company name must be available in the state where you are incorporating your business. It must also be available in other states where you want to do business in the future. Try to come up with a unique name that is not a common word.

Getting Started

Reliable offers you complete Business Incorporation package. You can incorporate your business with us by just filling our online incorporation questionnaire and making a payment via Credit Card or PayPal. We then Create and File your Incorporation papers with Secretary of State and upon receipt of approval send the Article of Incorporation documents to you via FedEx.

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Just by filling an online incorporation questionnaire
and making a payment via PayPal or Credit Card
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Incorporation Package




  • Preliminary corporation name clearance
  • Filing of Articles of Incorporation (a.k.a. Certificate of Incorporation or Certificate of Formation)
  • Personalized bylaws (includes provisions that help protect directors and officers from liability)
  • Resolutions of the first meeting of the Board of Directors (includes banking resolutions)

Value added benefits

  • Free Bookkeeping & Payroll for 3 months
  • QuickBooks Pro Help
  • Tax Savings
  • Free website
  • 10% discount on Insurance Products
  • Special rates on Credit Card Processing
  • Client Portal Access



  • Federal Tax ID ($60)
  • Corporate Kit and Seal ($99)
  • Registered Agent Fee ($150)
  • Expedited Processing ($410)


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