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Reliable offers wide spectrum of Insurance Solutions for Individuals and Small Businesses.

Health Insurance

The world we live in is full of unpredictable surprises - surprises that commonly affect the lives of individuals, families and dependents. Reliable offers Health Insurance that covers accidental bodily injury, death or disablement of the insured persons. Reliable Medical Insurance caters to the medical expenses incurred and their dependents due to sickness, accident or critical illness.

Why get covered

Most people will need to have major medical health insurance in 2014 or pay a tax penalty to help offset the costs of caring for uninsured Americans. But don’t wait to get coverage until you’re required. Going uninsured, even for a few months, can be a big – and costly – mistake. Health insurance protects your health, limits your liability for medical costs, and can help you avoid medical-related bankruptcy. Health insurance coverage purchased in 2014 will not help you pay for medical bills incurred in 2013. So take care of yourself and get covered today.

Get ready for Obamacare

  • Find out if your current health insurance plan needs to change.
  • Understand the new tax penalties and government subsidies.
  • Learn how the new health insurance plans will be different.
  • Look for options beyond state exchanges.
  • Make your selections now, during Open Enrollment.
  • Compare Plans

    With Reliable, you can compare the health insurance plans of multiple insurance companies, and decide on the plan that is best for you. It is free, simple and uncomplicated: just tell us your basic details, and we will generate multiple quotes which you can then compare.



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