Registered Agent Services

Registered Agent Services

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Reliable offers you free advice and handles all your incorporation paperwork with secretary of state

Filing your business formation papers with secretary of state is an event that creates a new, legal entity with ongoing duties and responsibilities. One of those duties is to appoint and maintain a registered agent (sometimes known as a resident agent or statutory agent). You must appoint your registered agent when you file the paperwork to form your business. And, you must maintain a registered agent in your formation state unless the entity officially terminates.

Why Registered Agent

  1. Point of Contact
    Your registered agent is your point of contact with state agencies and courts. For that reason, your registered agent must have a physical address in the state: a post office box won't do.
  2. Round the year availability
    Your agent must always be available during normal working hours, throughout the year.
  3. Responsible
    Your registered agent receives official legal documents on your company’s behalf. It is critical that each official state document is handled correctly and delivered to you promptly, so that you are aware of filing deadlines and court proceedings that affect your business.
  4. Monitors development
    Your agent also serves as your eyes and ears in the state, monitoring developments that can impact your company.

Reliable Registered Agent Services

Reliable offers Registered Agent Services to help you incorporate your business with secretary of state. We understand the obligations of registered agents inside and out. Plus, we stay on top of the changing business compliance landscape.

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