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Reliable offers Advisory Services to help you with Tax and Accounting needs so you can make profitable business decisions.

Cost Segregation/ S-Corporation Advantage

If you run your business as a sole proprietorship, you could be missing out on significant tax savings and other legal and financial advantages made possible by classifying your business as an S-CORP. For instance, you could eliminate your liability for the 7.65% self-employment tax. Reliable Accounting Solutions can help you ascertain whether classifying as an S-CORP/LLC is right for you.

Get your taxes prepared – fast! – with professional income tax services. Our Tax preparation services allow you to choose how - and how fast! - you receive your tax refund. File your taxes with their electronic filing option to get your refund even faster than you would file a traditional paper return! E-file and ask for our Electronic Refund Check to get your refund the fastest way possible. For those who want something cheaper (and don’t mind a little wait), ask for our IRS Direct Check and you could get your refund in just 10-21 days, sent right to your home address!



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