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Reliable is proud to have the most satisfying clients due to our competent workforce who gives priority to Customer Satisfaction. We are expanding our business to other financial services and planning to add positions in our organization to grow our workforce.

Current Opening

Title: Management Analyst

Job Duties: Study accounting industry, assessing current trends in business practices and best accounting products; Devise most efficient methods of accomplishing work and propose ways to improve organizations structure, efficiency and profits; Assess the economic performance of the business and maintain cost benefit analysis; Analyze gathered data and offer solutions on strategic planning for existing business and potential areas of growth; Recommend improvements in management production efficiency and records management program for filing, protection and retrieval of records assuring compliance with program; Gather and organize information on problems and procedures and consider alternate methods of meeting customer needs; and Ensure adequate staffing and training of personal, evaluating work performance and recommending personnel actions such as promotion or dismissal.

Minimum Requirements: Bachelors Degree in Business Administration plus 2 years experience as a Management Analyst or Business Development Manager. In the alternative, employer will accept four years experience.

Interested applicants should submit resume to: Reliable Financial Solutions, 2725 S. Mendenhall Road, Suite 27, Memphis, TN 38115. Applicants must possess legal authorization to work in the United States.



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